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We just finished that last of our new build and refurbish work for BaAM Productions MLB All-Star Fanfest.  We built the very first FanFest for The MLB All-Star game when it was in Toronto back in 1991.  We have added new elements to this show thoughout the years.  This year we added to the main Entryway Arch, reconfigured the Locker Room and added new lockers to this display. We built new batting helmet stands and player cutout stands as well.  Believe it or not there are some elements that we built back in 1991 that are still touring today.  


FanFest is a hands on fan experience with numerouse exhibits for the baseball enthusiast.  Those of you who know me personally can attest that I am one of them.  I can go to a baseball game being played at any level and enjoy the experience and even develope a rooting interest. My favorite team is obviously the Toronto Blue Jays but I'm also  huge St. Louise Cardinals fan.  You shpuld also treat yourself by taking in a minor league game.  It's really not far off from Keven Costner's Bull Durham.  But enough of that.  I just feel privileged to be involved through BaAM Productions with Major League Baseball.  FanFest is a huge undertaking every year and BaAM Productions does a terrific job with this event.      

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Steve Bratton
May 5, 2016
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