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Set Construction Today & 35 Years Ago

We just completed the set construction of Big Brother Season 4.  As I reflect at the challenges that this design brought to the table, I dare say that the biggest was keeping up with the sheer volume of CNC demands it presented. 




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Set Construction of Big Brother Season 3 Completed


Well we just completed a total overhaul of the Big Brother Canada set for Season 3. 





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Set Construction Is The Beauty Of Raw Structure

I really got my start in show business back in 1975 when I enrolled in the Professional Theatre Technical Program at John Abbott College.




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Set Construction Of Pressure Cooker For Real


We're pretty excited about being awarded the set construction contract for the newest cooking show "Pressure Cooker" which will be carried on the W Network.






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From Set Construction To Reinforced Earth Panels


I find that the work that we do and the techniques used here at Bratton Scenery have the ability to cross over to many other types of industries.  One such example is the contract that we have taken on with the Canadian office of a company called Reinforced Earth.


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MLB FanFest Archway


We just finished that last of our new build and refurbish work for BaAM Productions MLB All-Star Fanfest.  We built the very first FanFest for The MLB All-Star game when it was in Toronto back in 1991.




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Hogan Lovells Event


We just completed work on an event for the law firm Hogan Lovells with Terry Queeley of Q Ideas at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.  If you have never been there, it is quite a complex.




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Bratton Scenery Blog, An Introduction


We have a new logo and a new website!  Well it has been suggested that I include a blog in the new Bratton Scenery website to increase our web presence.  So here it is for all to see.








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Big Brother Season 2 Completed:


Well we were certainly thrown a curved ball last summer when we were in the middle of prepping for season 2 of Big Brother Canada.  Someone decided to sell the industrial building that we were located in.







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